On the journey

Shoes on a sandy beach

Our feet are amazing. And so are the shoes we travel around in. This week I finally got around to visiting a physiotherapist friend because of some foot pain. It seems my arches have fallen and he recommended some arch supports. Already the pain in my right foot is greatly reduced. Its amazing what the right treatment can achieve.

We embark upon many journeys and need the right equipment to make a success. Arriving and travelling well demands the right pair of shoes – metaphorically speaking.

I’m at the end of my research journey and have the joy of defending my thesis next week. As I am preparing a short presentation I’m reminding myself of the things I discovered on my journey. Having the right tools and the right people alongside on the journey. I could not have arrived at the destination without the right ‘shoes’.

As my colleagues in the world of learning and development work on shared projects they also share the ideas, professional development and technology to travel the journey well together.

One of my research points has been the isolation that many itinerant trainers face when they leave home each month to visit a new place.

Having the right footwear means having good colleagues to share the journey rather than struggle along alone.

In the Northumbria Community of which I’m apart we celebrate that we are Alone – Together. We travel the journey on our own in the knowledge that others have gone ahead and are following along behind. In the knowledge, too, that there are some walking along with us even if we are are separated physically.

To deliver good enough training demands that we have good enough colleagues to travel with us.

motor scooter in Florence