Uncommon kindness

Egypt friends

There is little worse than sickness when you are travelling and away from your normal support systems.

This past week saw me caught by a nasty bout of vomiting and nausea which just dragged on and on. All I wanted was to be at home and the thought of a further week trying to deliver training left me feeling worse rather than better.

Of course there was no shortage of advice – eat/don’t eat – drink soda/drink water. [In my case not eating and drinking water was the best combination].

What struck me was the enormous kindness shown. Course participants ran to the pharmacy and purchased medicines that a doctor on the course said were necessary to reduce fluid loss.

After the initial effects reduced I received enormous kindness and concern. Participants offered to go out of their way to obtain everything that I might need or wanted. I was there to serve this group and they, instead, cared for me.

A particular note of thanks to the doctor who left her bedroom to check me over. The fact that I needed an injection to manage the symptoms made her professional skills welcome. It also meant that I was able to observe that this course participant had seen more of the trainer than any of the others.

I am grateful for the uncommon kindness shown by new friends.